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History of Sebewaing Township Library


The Sebewaing Township Library was founded in 1859 in the home of the Township Clerk.  The library has been located in six different buildings since the 1930's. One of the early buildings was destroyed by fire and flood in 1935. The series of moves continued until 1968 when the Sebewaing Township Board voted to use penal fine monies to purchase the Zemke store, opening it as a library in the year 1969. In July 31, 1985 the Century Room of the Old Heidelberg Inn was purchased for the price of $31,500.  This room adjoined the existing library.  Later, in 1996 the Sebewaing Township Library board voted to purchase the next door Heidelberg Restaurant.  The dining room area of the restaurant now serves as a Children's Area in the library.

The Sebewaing Township Library has a legal service area of 2,944.  Fairhaven Township contracts services with Pigeon District and Sebewaing Township Libraries.  The Sebewaing Township Library is funded through a .45 millage, penal fines, state aid revenue, fundraisers, and donations.