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Interlibrary Loan

Because of limited budget and space, the library cannot provide all materials that are requested. Therefore, interlibrary loan is used to obtain from other libraries those materials that are beyond the scope of this library's collection.
In return for utilizing interlibrary loan to satisfy the needs of our patrons, the Sebewaing Township Library agrees to lend its materials to other libraries through the same interlibrary loan network, and to make an effort to have its current holdings listed in a tool that is accessible by other libraries throughout the state.
Interlibrary Loan How-to

Public Access Computers


Sebewaing Township Library has 9 computers (2 of which are laptops) available to the public.  Computer users must be registered with the library, and familiar with the
Sebewaing Township Library Internet Policy

Free WiFi


Copier & Printing Fees

Black and White / 25¢ per page
Color / 50¢
Photographic Images / $1.00



Lamination $1.00/sheet  for ID card, letter, & legal size  


Transmit: $2.00 for the first page, and $1.00 for each subsequent page.
Receive: $1.00 for each page.

The library has one phone line. Consequently, the library must be informed before receiving a fax in order to turn the fax machine on.  The phone/fax number for the library is (989) 883-3520


Book Sale


Sebewaing Township Library has a year around book sale.  This is a welcomed source of funding for the library, and your donation of books and other materials are always appreciated.

Movie Rentals


Older DVD rentals are $1.00 and Newer DVD are $2.00 for a two day period.The same amount will be charged for each day the video or DVD is overdue. The overdue fine for a movie will not exceed the original cost of the item plus processing. Patrons are responsible for the replacement cost of any damaged movie. The library, also, carries various educational videocassettes that can be borrowed free of charge. Parents are responsible for movies checked out by minor children, as stated in the Sebewaing Township Library Minor Access Announcement, which is posted at the circulation desk of the library.


Christmas Open House

Stop by the library during the Sunday before Thanksgiving to enjoy the library's annual bake sale.  Additional fundraising crafts are featured during the open house, which can be a great source of personal enjoyment, as well as make a beautiful gift for someone on your shopping list.   

Movie Gift Bags



Microfilm Reader



Visually Impaired Reader



Movie and Slide Projector with Screen